Wong and Bernstein Group (W+B) is a full service business solutions provider founded in 2009. It takes great pride in providing professional, technological based services and support services. These include core services, seminars, trainings and workshops, transactional services, taxation and accountancy services, environmental and legal services and many other business related services.

The founder of the company, Professor Daniel Wong Barrenechea established W+B to provide a first-class personal quality service to a wide base of clients. Together with other Directors/Advisors in the W+B team, they are able to offer guaranteed continuity of personal service which allows for a strong business partnership to be developed between initiative and its clients.


To quote W+B’s Executive Director Professor Enrique Soriano, "We are well aware that business is a contact sport and it is our mission to help you play to win." This is why W+B is looking beyond the Philippines and setting its plans of expanding in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong and Australia – to increase its reach in providing business solutions to clients on a global scale.

We are well aware that business is a contact sport
and it is our mission to help you play to win

Wong and Bernstein (W+B) Advisory Group is a professional business advisory firm officially established in 2009. Its founders are industry mavericks with a combined 100 years of experience. W+B advisors have defied the conventional approach to management consulting when they saw the opportunity to provide a completely different advice and hands-on support to organizations that are faced with operational and financial challenges – pressing situations that require prompt action, objectivity and real results.


As an outcome, W+B helped paved the way to an industry standard that offers fast turnaround management, corporate reorganization and performance improvement for companies and stakeholders.

Because of their commitment to excellence in execution, W+B was able to evolve from a new player to one of the premier ASEAN-based professional services advisory firm. W+B has set the standard for working with underperforming and healthy companies across the industry spectrum.

Often compared to corporate doctors, clients put their trust on W+B to help solve complex industry problems and boost their operating performance. The company has earned this trust by giving every problem the utmost attention, by researching and analyzing the facts before arriving at conclusions and by demonstrating unwavering passion to provide enterprise value to its clients.

Aside from business advisory, W+B also conducts sought after and timely workshops and seminars to help clients realize their vision and attain their goals. W+B’s roster of speakers is comprised of turnaround specialists in business, operations, finance, marketing and sales training. Attendees and decision makers are able to select a specialized and segmentized program suited for their company. A very unique proposition of W+B is the post workshop services where it hand holds interested participants to the next level of diagnostics and intervention.

We at W+B place accountability to our clients as they are the very reason why we exist. We underscore the importance of quality work. We show leadership by rolling up our sleeves to get the job done. We operate on theory and action and we create an environment where everyone is valued.

The Consulting Group always strive to bring new ideas to clients, business models that are well suited to a specific company, strategic insights and perspectives. In doing so, our clients are assured that their investment risk can be reduced while increasing their opportunities for long-term business plans and success.

Whether partnering with companies as advisor or serving in an interim management role, our W+B team of experts based in Asia always focus on producing the best results, effecting change and affecting outcomes.
We believe these make all the difference.

When the stakes are high, companies and stakeholders turn to W+B to help find the right answer and deliver optimum solution in a variety of service areas. W+B professionals are on the high ground across the Asian market – coming from a proud operational expertise, never resting on its laurels.

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